Jul 14, 2014

Happy Summer Time

It is Monday already and I feel terrible that for the first time I did not have a blog post ready on time ( last Thursday ). But with kid's summer holidays started and lovely house guests visiting it just did not happen. 

Today I want to wish all my lovely readers a very Happy Summer Time with lots of sunshine, time to relax and having fun.

copyright © Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
"Happy Summer Time " copyright © Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014

But I also want to share some beautiful, patterned gifts I received from our lovely visitors who stayed with us over the weekend.

copyright © Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
New origami paper - we had a fun night making origami together.

I received my first Kokeshi doll...remember my post about Kokeshi dolls back in May ? When I started drawing Kokeshis I decided I want to start a collection...just did not know when this would happen since there is nothing like Kokeshi dolls in Switzerland.

And besides my Kokeshi doll I am absolutely in love with, I received these little patterned chopstick rests.

copyright © Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
Kokeshi doll and chopstick rests.

Since our friends came via Amsterdam I asked them to grab me the latest Flow magazine not knowing it is a special edition this month and there is this beautiful paper book coming with the magazine - I am so lucky !

Flow magazine with bonus paper book.

Due to kid's summer holidays I have to skip two weeks of blogging and will be back July 31st.

Happy Monday !

Jul 2, 2014

Floral Experiment

I am really loving my hydrangeas on my balcony and it seems those are the plants I am doing good with - in general I do not have a green thumb. 

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014

I planted new ones this year but they are not very pretty yet but the one I planted two years ago is looking amazing this summer. In the evening I took my camera out and made some random shots of the hydrangea plant and uploaded them onto my computer and started playing with it.

Oh the possibilities are endless and it is so much fun...so far I only made patterns out of the photos but I can not wait to mix them with my drawings...

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
Hydrangea Pattern 1 copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
Hydrangea Pattern 2 copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
Hydrangea Pattern 3 copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014

Later today I will head out and take some more photos...hope to find some peonies.

Happy Thursday !

Jun 26, 2014

A Quote...

Life is sometimes getting very intense, there are always things to worry about. 
For myself I have found two things calming me down if needed. 
One thing is tea and the other thing is creating art. So when I saw this quote, I immediately thought it is me. 
And giving it an other thought, family members and people close to me live this mantra, too. So it is true and totally works ;)
 If this is new to you, maybe give it a go and see how you feel.

Happy Thursday !

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014 ( source for Keep Calm Quotes )

Jun 19, 2014

MATS June Boot Camp Final Design

June is almost over and I have finished the MATS Boot Camp assignment "Ship in a Bottle" wall art... 
I have been quite excited about this topic at the beginning but I must admit my excitement faded over the weeks. Somehow I was not able to fully warm up with this theme...I found the bottle restricted me in space ( in my head everything should "happen" inside the bottle ) and this made it difficult for me. I like to explore space and I mainly work large. And nautical in general is not my world - even though I love the sea and I know nautical is a repeating trend in fashion and interior. Of course I could have gone just nautical all over my art board  and forget about the bottle but I was determined to stick to the assignment as much as possible for the challenge. 
So I am ok with my result but not thrilled...anyway it was an other experience and challenge I overall did enjoy. 
Please check out the June gallery with all the amazing nautical wall art over here.

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
June assignment "Ship in a Bottle": Wall art "Deep Sea" copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014

Happy Thursday !

Jun 12, 2014

What Inspired Me This Week...

Phew...it is so hot over here, I am having a hard time thinking straight. Over 30 C for the past 6 days...on the plus side, the water in the lake is perfectly warm now and I really enjoy my time swimming in the outdoors. 

Lake Zuerich

This week I was inspired by Matisse. The Tate Modern in London is currently showing cut out art by Matisse. I immediately fell in love...the colours, the shapes, the compositions...wished I could beam me over to see it. The exhibition is still on until September 7th 2014. 

This exhibition shows the final chapter of Matisse's career. When Matisse was not healthy enough to paint anymore, he began to cut into painted paper with scissors...he had invented a new medium.

My favourite pieces...

Matisse 1952
Blue Nude II by Henri Matisse, 1952 ( source )

Matisse 1947
Polinesia, the sky by Henri Matisse, 1947 ( source )

Henri Matisse 1952
La Perruche et la Sirene by Henri Matisse, 1952 ( source )

Vegetables by Henri Matisse, 1952

And this video is fabulous...Happy Thursday !

Jun 5, 2014

What I am Up To - New Mini Assignment for June MATS Boot Camp

It is June and it is getting hot over here...the lake has warmed up and this weekend I am planning to take the first plunge of the season. 

A new month means a new mini assignment for the MATS Boot Camp. Of course we all have been very curious what new topic Lilla has chosen for us and I would not have guessed right with this one - again. It is a take on nautical : Ships in a bottle ! It includes sea creatures, nautical stuff...everything around the sea. I would say it is a perfect theme for summer. Not sure how I will work it but I love it. It is a topic where details can be important which I really like.

Pirate Ship in a bottle ( source )

And I really love this gigantic ( 4.7 x 2.8 m ) ship in a bottle by artist Yinka Shonibare. Do you see the pattern on the sails ? 
"The richly patterned sails were inspired by Indonesian batik, mass-produced by Dutch traders and sold in West Africa".
If you have time and you are a pattern lover like me, you must check out Yinka Shonibare's work...beautiful patterns everywhere and I also like his collages.

Nelson's Ship in a Bottle by Yinka Shonibare at National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London/UK

Here you can see my first sketches...hope I find time to add many more over the weekend before we receive the main assignment on Monday.

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
Sketches "Ship in a Bottle"

Happy Thursday !

May 29, 2014

What I Am Reading Today

It is Ascension Day today in Switzerland and it feels like a Sunday…kids are not in school and I had some time for reading this morning.
Today I want to share what I love to read art, interior and surface pattern related.


Uppercase Magazine is on top of my list. It is truly a magazine for the creative and curious published, edited and designed by Janine Vangool from Calgary/Canada. The magazine looks always beautiful and even feels great made from nice paper…I could never read this magazine as an e-magazine, it feels too nice in my hands. The magazine's content is about illustration, graphic design, surface pattern design, lettering and crafting. I was lucky enough to be chosen to be part of issue's 21 Surface Pattern Design Guide which shows amazing work from 100 surface pattern designers around the world.

I also must have Flow Magazine. In the beginning I ordered the English version from Holland but now there is a German version available in Germany which I manage to get. It is the most beautiful illustrated magazine I know and there are always little freebies included into each issue like a weekly planner, sticky notes or stickers. Describing flow is not easy…Zeitgeist ( spirit of the times ) comes into my mind. There are great stories about creatives, inspirations, insights and ideas and even recipes.

Yesterday the new MOYO Magazine by Beth Kempton and Rachael Taylor came out. It is already issue 6 and it is all surface pattern related. And the best part - it is free and you can even download it via Issuu and read it on your computer or tablet. Each issue has a call for a competition and many designers are featured besides there is lots of insight from the industry. It is really a great read and lots of eye candy. For downloading please click here.

My favourite interior magazine is Elle Decoration UK. It is always spot on and shows trends well. There is a reason why it is called "The World's Leading Homes Magazine"… if I read Elle Decoration from other countries I always feel it is very much the taste of that particular country, not so with the UK version. But this is my personal opinion.

I hope you find time to read and get inspired today as well.

Happy Thursday !